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Story and background

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My name is Verónica
I'm a digital artist and postproducer. I work in design, postproduction and conceptualization of multimedia projects with the next skills.

- Video: creation and video edition for events, advertisment and fiction. Included animation, motion graphics, filmmaking and screenwriting. I have 4K mirrorless equipment
3D design: model and textures of environments and products for renders, videos or videogames. Included concept art, composition, and visual effects.
Photography: shooting and retouching focused in photocomposition and artistic photography for expositions or advertisment. Included 3D integrations and visual effects.

I sustain my knowledge in art and digital fields thanks to my passion for audiovisual area and new technologies.  In my own projects, I have a great influence from mistery movies, sci-fi and modern videogames. My degree in Advertisment gives me a solid base in ideas and storytelling. I'm constantly researching new trends and new software to continue my career.
Modeling & texturing
Filmmaking & shooting
Digital edition & retouching
Animation & mograph
Video edition
VFX & composition

    Cinema, science fiction, mistery, TV series, pop culture, advertisment and fashion.


    Photoshop, After effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Sketch, Nuke, Maya, 3D Max, Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, Unreal and Unity.


    Master in virtual and aumented reality: 3d modeling, texturing, animation and 3d experiences Advertisment degree: specialized in video and photography for advertisment